A Ruby ORM for RethinkDB

Table Configuration

Configuring Tables

To configure table settings globally, you may do so during NoBrainer configuration:

NoBrainer.configure do |config|
  config.table_options = { :shards => 1, :replicas => 1,
                           :write_acks => :majority }

To configure per table settings, you may use Model.table_config as such:

class Model
  table_config :shards => 2, :replicas => 2,
               :write_acks => :single, :durability => :soft

Synchronizing Table Schema

When changing the configuration of tables, the new schema must be reflected on the database.

When using Rails, you may use the rake task:

$ rake nobrainer:sync_schema

Programmatically, you may invoke sync_schema:


NoBrainer waits for the tables to be ready by default. You may pass :wait => false to sync_schema to skip the wait.